The Club

Ruggers 34 R.F.C. is a registered nonprofit organization formed in December 2012 While in Division 2 we displayed our determination to improve our rankings by winning all of our games, earning promotion to Division 1. We currently compete at the Division 1 level organized by the Turkish Rugby Federation.

We are hoping to improve our track record in the upcoming years by representing a winning combination of strong Rugby play and strong club spirit. We are hoping to achieve a style of Rugby that stresses strenght and mobility in the forwards, and quick ball to the backs where creativity, aggressiveness and agility dominate play.

We are an organization of diverse and colorful people with the goal to play good and clean Rugby and we welcome players of all abilities and experience.

We are dedicated to promote the growth and development of the game of Rugby in İstanbul, Bostancı, increase the awareness of Rugby and its traditions, and facilitate participation in Rugby at local, national and international levels.

In our short history of the club, people from all occupations have played for the team including engineers, lawyers, business owners, mechanics, students,etc. The team has grown to represent Rugby in İstanbul as we continue to attract players from both European and the Asian side of İstanbul. We play in the city. We practice in the city. Bostancı holds a special place for us since the roots of the club sprung from here.

As we head to the future things are looking up. We are proving ourselves on and off the field . We show our support to Bostancı community and small businesses off the field in a positive manner.

For updates and information on the club check our website or email us