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Do you want to play rugby in Istanbul ?

Ruggers 34 welcomes players with no experiences, to members who have been playing Rugby all their lives. So wether you’re looking to live in İstanbul permanently or just passing through, Ruggers 34 R.F.C. invites you to join in the fun. We believe Rugby will continue to grow in Turkey if we provide the chance for inexperienced players to train and play alongside experienced players. We are firm believers that with Rugby comes fitness, fun and friendships unique to this sport.

We have players living on both, European and Asian sides of İstanbul. If you are interested in supporting our current players, forge new frienships, come out to practice ,having a cold beverage after a match or staying connected with a bunch of ruggers than Ruggers 34 is for you.

There are some requirements before you start playing:

  • You will need a pair of cleats (grass and astroturf)
  • You will need a mouthguard
  • You will need to come to our practices on Thursdays and Saturdays
  • You will need to pay club dues

Rugby is a game for all shapes, sizes and experience levels, if you have any questions, want to learn more about Rugby or if you want to play Rugby in İstanbul send us your contact information at and we’ll let you know when we are getting together next!

Along with the fun of learning and playing Rugby in Bostancı, Ruggers 34 R.F.C. encourages camaraderie and team spirit, as well as respect for others. Players are expected to behave like gentlemen at all times, on and off the pitch.

For updates and information on the club check our facebook page or drop a line our way

We are looking forward to a successful and fun season.